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University of Rochester University Video Producer - 233480 in Rochester, New York

University Video Producer Job ID 233480

Location Central Administration Full/Part Time Full-Time Favorite Job Regular/Temporary Regular Opening

Full Time 40 hours Grade 053 Ofc University Communications





Reporting to the Deputy Director and Senior Editor , University Communications , the University Video Producer develops , produces , writes , directs , shoots , and edits engaging , informative video s t ories for the content, social media , web , and media relations teams . The pos i tion supports a digital-first strategic communications plan for the University with effective video communications and expertise in the latest video technologies.


  • Generates ideas for strategic video content that supports key commun i cations goals of the University . Meets regularly with colleagues across the institution to identify and plan video stories that enhance the University's online brand and reputation.

  • Shoots and edits strategic visual stories for message , audience , and channel. Determines approp ri ate production value and technology requirements fo r varying needs-fro m unscript e d , sin g l e camera shoot s , to high-end, multi-camera productions-and works effectively in whatever so lut ion is project-appropriate .

  • Uses video strategically and effectively across a variety of platforms , examples include but are not limited to Facebook , YouTube , Wistia , l nstagram , and emerging web and socia l channels .

  • Manages visua l digital assets and templates , as well as a video archive with the approp r iate level of metadata necessary to make it searchab l e. Provides support as needed to locate assets.

  • Optimizes video content for accessibility , reporting, and current University branding . Tracks ana l ytics and reports in order to improve content performance. Monitors best practices in the field and incorporates them into

  • University practice .

  • Packages and provides content for use by external media outlets and coordinates with outs i de producers on technica l needs for video support , as needed.

  • Serve s as the U n i ve r sity ' s expert i n video p r oductio n . Wo r ks co ll aborative l y w ith co ll eag u es around t he Uni ve r si t y and cons u lts on bes t p r actices. H elps co ll e a g u es in Un ive r sity Comm u nica ti o n s deve l op basic video production a n d ed i ting ski ll s.


  • Bachelor ' s de gr ee in En g l ish , fi lm /video produc ti o n , com m u n icat i ons , o r r elated discipl i ne required .

  • Three yea r s of pro f ess i onal expe ri ence in communicat i ons , fi l m / v i deo p r oductio n , v i deo j o urn a li s m , hi ghe r ed u cation , o r similar field required .

  • Fi ve yea r s of p r o f ess i ona l experie n ce preferred .


  • Experience with a d va n ced m ul ti med i a storytell in g t ec hni ques on mu l tiple p l atforms and hig h co m mand of video tec h niques throug h soph i sticated c r aftsmanship

  • Excep t io n a l co r e v i deo-storytell in g sk ill s , inc l ud i ng a deep u n dersta n ding of composition , so u nd , camera , l ights , co mp ute r s , an d software necess a ry t o p r o d uce vis u a l a n d audio journal i s m is req u ired .

  • Studio a n d l oca ti o n fil m i ng exper i ence , w i t h a stro n g e m p h asis on li ght i n g a n d au di o capt u re sk ill s .

  • Compe t ency i n videog ra p h y pr in ciples - from sc ri pt i ng throu g h fi n al ed itin g - a n d a n ab ili ty t o show p r oficie n cy with b r anding guidel i nes.

  • S tr ong comb i n a tio n of techn i ca l , crea ti ve , and p r ob l em - solving s kills re l ated to t he p r act i ce o f vide o co n te nt creat i o n and m arket in g .

  • Know l edge o f v i deo ' s r ole as part of a comprehens i ve conte n t s tr ategy t h a t in clu d es sea r ch eng i ne op t im i zat i on, socia l med i a , and video con t ent ma r ke tin g.

  • Ab i lity t o ma n age ma n y p r ojects a t di ffe r ent stages o f p r od u ct i o n with a h i gh deg r ee of co n fidence ; excellent o r ga n izat i o n a l sk ill s .

  • D emonstrated ab ilit y to wo r k w i th c li en t s or facu l ty , a n d a g eneral u n d ers t a n ding o f t he h ig h e r ed u ca ti on e n vironmen t.

  • A bil ity to act as in - h ouse e x pert a n d co n s ul tan t o n a ll matters re l ated to v i deography tec hni q u es , equip m en t , programs , a n d p r ocesses .

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