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University of Rochester Laboratory Engineer - 230247 in Rochester, New York

Laboratory Engineer Job ID 230247

Location Laser Lab & COI Full/Part Time Full-Time Favorite Job Regular/Temporary Regular Opening

Full Time 40 hours Grade 053 IMAXED


8 AM-5 PM



We seek outstanding candidates for an engineering science position with broad interests in areas such as high energy density physics, material science, quantum matter, extreme chemistry, physics, astrophysics, and planetary science. The candidate will perform technical scientific and engineering work focused on design, construction and alteration of diagnostic and instrument systems to enable cutting edge research exploring the states and processes of the most extreme matter that can be produced with today’s high energy density capabilities.

We define ‘extreme conditions’ as comparable to the atomic (quantum) unit of pressure, which is the pressure required to disrupt the shell structure of atoms. Atomic pressure is the only fundamental unit of the atom that remains unexplored. Historically, every breakthrough in studying matter at the scale of atomic units (energy, mass, charge, length, and time) has led to a paradigm shift in science and new sub- disciplines in physics, and we expect that exploration of matter at the atomic unit of pressure will lead to similar breakthroughs. These pressures can produce highly degenerate conditions with interatomic distances less than the Bohr radius and their quantum (de Broglie) wavelengths – a potential high- density/-temperature version of Bose-Einstein condensation; a new regime of molecular bonding (kilovolt chemistry) engaging core electrons; warm dense matter where traditional approximations in plasma and condensed matter are not applicable; hot superconductors and topological insulators; and hot-dense plasma with the photon and/or magnetic field pressures comparable to material pressure. Properties of such matter control the evolution of planets and stars but, until recently, were inaccessible to laboratory exploration. New and enhanced laboratory capabilities, such as the National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Z machine at Sandia Laboratory, the Matter at Extreme Conditions Endstation at Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS), new static compression techniques, Dynamic Compression Sector at Argonne Laboratory, and Omega laser facilities at UR, now permit controlled, quantitative experiments to conditions exceeding such atomic pressures. We welcome candidates with diverse backgrounds to help us pioneer this new frontier of science.

The position is with the Center for Matter at Atomic Pressure (ht tps:// (CMAP), a National Science Foundation (NSF) Physics Frontier Center and multi-institutional enterprise anchored at the University of Rochester. This position will report to Professor Gilbert ‘Rip’ Collins, director of CMAP. Watch the video overview ( of CMAP to learn more.

Evaluation of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled. The start date is summer or early fall 2021. The position is for 2-5 years and is renewable. Salary and benefits are competitive and will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.

In addition to applying online, formal applications should be emailed as a single PDF file to CMAP Administra tor and must include (i) a brief letter (1 to 2 pages) describing the candidate’s academic background and interests (ii) CV, and (iii) contact information of three references.


Within clearly defined assignments and in accordance with oral and written instructions received from research staff members and/or a Senior Laboratory Engineer:

Provides engineering services in support of HED science research activities, and/or the design of specialized equipment and instrument systems. Troubleshoots and services commercial, in house built and/or test equipment; may fabricate and/or supervise fabrication of equipment; may assist in selection and purchase of components.

Will work closely with HED scientists, graduate and undergraduate students, engineers and research specialists; keeps abreast of state-of-the-art advances. Maintains contact with vendors.

May supervise technicians and/or clerical staff assisting in experiments. May support classroom and laboratory teaching activities.


Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree in an appropriate engineering or science discipline; or an equivalent combination of education and engineering experience.

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