Ice Core and Atmospheric Chemistry Lab Scientist

Rochester, NY

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

The Scientist will work on projects focused on understanding the composition and chemistry of the past and modern atmosphere. The research would use measurements of carbon-14 of carbon monoxide (14CO) from a global network of atmospheric observatories as well as from polar ice cores to improve our understanding of how atmospheric oxidizing capacity varies in space and time. The research would also use measurements of carbon-14 of methane (14CH4) from a global network of atmospheric observatories as well as from polar ice cores to improve our understanding of methane emissions from fossil sources. The Scientist would be expected to develop and test sampling and analytical systems required for the work, conduct sample measurements using cavity ring-down spectroscopy, process the air samples to extract CO and CH4carbon for14C analysis and participate in data analysis, interpretation and writing of scientific journal articles. After acquiring any needed start-up training in the Ice Core and Atmospheric Chemistry Lab, the Scientist would also be expected to train students in the lab, as well as manage the day-to-day operations of the lab. Provided there is interest, there would also be opportunities to participate in fieldwork, become involved in projects in other research groups in the Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES) department, as well as teach. The intention is for this to be a long-term position.

A typical breakdown of effort is as follows, although this may vary depending on the stage of the projects:

Sample measurements and processing - 50%

Developing and testing analytical systems - 20%

Training students and other staff in the lab - 15%

General lab operations and safety - 10%

Fieldwork - 5%


Required: PhD in an appropriate discipline (Geosciences, Chemistry, Physics or related discipline) or MS in one of these disciplines with appropriate experience. Multiple years of experience working in an analytical laboratory.

Preferred but not required: Experience with vacuum systems, gas handling, atmospheric sampling and measurements and ice core handling, mass spectrometry, electronics and mechanical repair, working with equipment vendors / tech support.

The University of Rochester, an Equal Opportunity Employer, has a strong commitment to diversity and actively encourages applications from candidates from groups underrepresented in higher education.

EOE Minorities/Females/Protected Veterans/Disabled

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