University of Rochester Autopsy Asst in Rochester, New York


Time as Reported Grade 092 Autopsy Pathology


Position Summary:

The Autopsy Assistant assists pathologists and pathologists-inĀ­training (residents and student fellows) in the performance of postmortem examinations.

Job Duties:

Obtains consent forms, charts, necessary paperwork for each patient to be autopsied. Sets up dissection area with instruments and specimen containers.

  • Notifies resident, Pathologists' assistant, attending by text page.
  • Make certain resident notifies attending physician that the autopsy is proceeding.
  • Asks resident if he/she has reviewed case history prior to starting case.
  • Decal buckets for hearts, all adult cases.
  • Print photo label for every case (09A-case#, date not necessary)
  • Ready camera for every case.
  • Put manilla tag on 5 gal pail
  • Print 20 white cassettes for every case and organize in plastic container
  • Ready appropriate computer and printer before every case
  • Set up back room for post - scale (small white pan), cart for rolling organs to storage rack
  • Community log-in for back morgue room computer, or have prosector log in first (can play music under prosector log-in).

Serves as assistant during postmortem examination, including delivery of specimens for special studies.

Cleanliness of autopsy suite. Responsible for general cleanliness of autopsy suite, including all tables, sinks, and counter tops. Requests special assistance with floors, etc., as needed.

  • Ready COWs when reviewing organs
  • Keep all items stocked in back cabinet (all PPE)
  • Keep small containers stocked in main room
  • Keep full decal containers at trim areas (back room, large table, neuropath)
  • Keep trim areas stocked with basic instruments, including scalpel handles, scissors, forceps, probes, rulers, towels, small specimens containers
  • Clean up and disinfect morgue after prosection complete

Prepares and expedites cadaver for delivery to funeral director. (5%)

Maintains equipment including requesting inspections and service as needed. Keeps maintenance and temperature logs.


  • Rinse brains for Tuesday Brain Cutting Conference
  • Ready COWs for Tuesday Brain Cutting Conference
  • Be available to take photos during Brain Cutting Conference
  • Print 6-10 green cassettes for Brain Cutting Conference (ask NP attending)
  • Ready a fonnalin container for brain cassettes
  • Return brains to storage area after Brain Cutting Conference
  • Ready COWs for Tuesday Autopsy Gross Conference
  • Put instruments out for Tuesday Autopsy Gross Conference

Maintains supplies and ensures that prosection instruments are sharp and in good working condition.

Institutes precautions as prescribed by autopsy procedure manual during infectious cases.

Stores and handles chemicals involved in safe manner as prescribed by autopsy procedure manual.

Collects (from Autopsy and from Histology) and delivers tissue for incineration in approved manner as prescribed by autopsy procedure manual.

Maintains logs of autopsy cases, of bodies delivered to funeral directors, and of organs for disposal.

Picks up placentas from the Obstetrics Department for cremation purposes. Verifies identifications tags and tags indicating specimen for cremation.

Monitors the disposition of bodies stored in the cooler on a daily basis. Checks body identifications with log book at the beginning and ending of each day. Contacts appropriate people at the funeral home and/or unit if a discrepancy occurs.

Picks up from laundry and maintains scrubs in an orderly fashion for use by Neuropathology and Autopsy Pathology faculty, residents and technicians.


  • AAS in biological science with anatomy background or
  • Autopsy assistant experience or
  • An equivalent combination of education and experience. On the job training is available.
  • Proficient in performing autopsies including appropriate incisions.
  • Effective interpersonal skills, and maintains a friendly and courteous professional manner at all times.
  • Professional discretion with all confidential patient information.
  • Adherence to all University, Division, and Department Policies. Responsible for maintaining as well as being knowledgeable of and updating Autopsy Suite to CAP, New York State, OSHA, EPA and JCAHO regulation changes.
  • Attendance and punctuality daily.
  • Attend all mandatory hospital and departmental inservices and health updates.

EOE Minorities/Females/Protected Veterans/Disabled

Job Title: Autopsy Asst

Location: Strong Memorial Hospital

Job ID: 205677

Regular/Temporary: Regular

Full/Part Time: TAR