University of Rochester Receptionist Clerk III-OR Scheduling Office in Rochester, New York


Full Time 40 hours Grade 007 Surgical Support Services




Scheduling Office:

Rotation of Essential Tasks include review case submissions, preparation of next day schedule, preparation of 3-day schedule, Preference List changes and triaging and follow through of emails to the OR Scheduling Office regarding case submissions. When handling all Essential Tasks, deadlines must be met, accuracy and timely follow through must be demonstrated in all work, resulting in resolution of all scheduling conflicts. Other related duties as assigned.


Scheduling Functions

Review cases submitted in E-Records- Review, revise and approve for placement on the Operating Room Schedule 120-140 submissions each day. Case submissions are for up to 34 operating rooms and 12 non-OR locations such as MRI, Cath Lab, etc. Utilize software to review each case for:

  • proper use of allocated block time
  • mandatory field completion
  • proper procedure verbiage
  • accuracy of multiple procedure notations
  • accuracy of multiple provider notations
  • proper case duration
  • obtain approval if necessary and make any changes requested

Prepare Preliminary OR Schedule 3-Business days prior, utilizing software to:

  • build ortho trauma and acute care trauma rooms in E-Records
  • enter any add-on cases approved to go on the schedule
  • place any outstanding reservations in the appropriate allocated OR
  • compare software version for OR schedule with a printed copy; checking for typos, spelling, “not before” time notations, etc.
  • call each surgical office noted on the OR schedule to confirm case start times and case order based on surgeon preference
  • print hard copy of the revised preliminary schedule and bring all add on case requests to the Administrator to discuss possible placement of add on cases, notation of c-arms, brain lab room changes
  • update the software to reflect Administrator’s requests and reprint
  • call each surgical office if case was placed on the schedule to inform them of placement
  • Over the remaining 2-0 days - constantly check software for cancellations, additional submissions of add on requests or missing responses to case order calls

Prepare Final OR schedule 1-day prior, utilizing software to:

  • check for any last minute submission or changes
  • check with the OR main desk for add on cases
  • print a preliminary schedule and give to the anesthesia clinical coordinator and OR Charge nurse for possible placement, as well as last minute room changes
  • update the software to reflect input from the anesthesia clinical coordinator and OR Charge Nurse
  • inform surgical offices if add on request were placed on the OR schedule
  • reprint 9 copies of 2nd preliminary schedule for:
  • anesthesia clinical coordinator and OR charge nurse to begin staffing assignment process
  • Strong Surgical Center
  • PreAnesthesia Care Unit
  • Post Anesthesia Care Unit ,
  • Pediatric PreAnesthesia Care Unit
  • Secure Bulletin Board
  • OR Control Desk and 2nd Floor OR Desk
  • continue to monitorsoftware for last minute submissions
  • at 11:00am provide anesthesia clinical coordinator of any additional add on cases for possible placement on the OR schedule
  • enter anesthesia and nursing assignments in the software as provided
  • compare hard copy with assignments and software for accuracy
  • review each operating room on the schedule for accuracy, possible timing gaps, and appropriate turnover times.
  • at 2:15pm after the software loads, print again and review with anesthesia clinical coordinator, if approved the final schedule can be distributed.
  • print 14 copies and hand deliver the final schedule to the areas noted above as well as 5 additional areas.
  • print special schedules for nursing; schedules without patient names, schedule for each OR, etc.

Monitor OR Scheduling Office email box and facsimile machine – emailed information includes any type of edit to a case and/or case orders. All non-OR locations submit cases via fax or email and they must be entered into the software appropriately. Faxes are submissions for c-sections or those without access to OR manager and must be entered into the software appropriately.

Preference List Printing and Editing – Print a Preference List for each service twice a day 2 days prior and again 1 day prior. Once nursing returns the preliminary lists with requested changes, make the changes in the software and call Materials Processing to inform them the the Preference Lists changes have been completed. A second copy is then printed and filed. (2-days prior is only done once for that day).

Prompt telephone coverage - providing support to new schedulers, taking case change information over the phone and making the necessary changes in the software


High School education and 3-4 years related work experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. (Medical experience and medical terminology are preferred, but not required). The special skills that are required include: excellent customer service, strong verbal communication, good interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and advanced computer literacy.

EOE Minorities/Females/Protected Veterans/Disabled

Job Title: Receptionist Clerk III-OR Scheduling Office

Location: Strong Memorial Hospital

Job ID: 201766

Regular/Temporary: Regular

Full/Part Time: Full-Time